Die-cast medals are our most popular economical range. We are proud to have built an outstanding reputation for producing premium quality die-cast medals at budget prices. Designed with infinite size, shape and design possibilities, it is easy to see why our customer's love these medals. Our custom die-cast medals are manufactured in zinc alloy, creating a heavy, high quality award.  

JC BESPOKE prides itself on being the cheapest supplier of high quality custom medals in the UK. Our price guide below is based on producing round medals, 3mm thick, featuring a 2-D front design. Included in the price is a FREE plain or striped ribbon sewn onto your medal.  Medals can be finished in either antique or shiny gold, silver or bronze. Production lead-time is based on our 12 week sea shipment service.  

Additional upgrades are available including sparkly enamel, crystals, glow-in-the dark enamel, spinning medals, stacking medals or segmented medals.  Please email for your full quotation.


Our die-cast medals can be produced in as little as 4 to 5 weeks from our overseas factory with our air express service, however the most cost effective option is sea shipment (12-14 weeks).

AIR (4 -12 WEEKS)
Air Express is a great option when event timescales are tight, however a sur-charge per medal will apply due to the additional air transportation costs.

SEA (12 + WEEKS)
Sea shipment offers the most economical price for custom medal production. Production lead-time can be anywhere between 12 to 14 weeks depending on production schedules (when boat leaves port).

To produce your medals, a die charge is required to create the mold of your design. Options available are a 2D or 3D dies (£30.00 surcharge applies for 3D dies).  If you require a 2-sided medal an additional back die is required.

2D medals feature raised flat surfaces.  3D medals feature raised, sculpted surfaces - like the Queens head on a coin.

JC BESPOKE medal finishes are shown below. Surcharges apply for sprayed, real gold, and real silver finish.