Soft Enamel Pin Badges

Product Code: SoftEnamel

Our high quality soft enamel custom pin badges are an economical choice and can be matched to your pantone colour - a fantastic modern enamel custom pin at budget prices.

Design & Manufacturing Process
Soft Enamel pin badges are manufactured by a metal stamping process after which the metal is plated to the colour of choice (for example polished nickel), the enamel is placed in the recess of the badge and then baked in the oven to set.  The finished effect is a slight dip, which sinks the enamel below the metal.  It gives a great visual element with a slight 3D effect.  However, if you don't like the sunken look of the enamel, we can finish off with a clear resin epoxy coating, which provides a smoother surface to your custom pin badge.  The clear epoxy resin coating also provides extra protection to the surface of your pin.

Production Lead-time
Air Express - 4 to 12 weeks from artwork sign off.  Price is slightly higher due to additional air freight cost
Sea Shipment - 12 weeks + - the most economical choice is to use our monthly sea shipments which arrive every 12 weeks

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